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View Diary: Hurricane Force Storm to Hit Alaska (Yes, you read that right) (121 comments)

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  •  And then there is THIS "interpretation": (12+ / 0-)

    When I do Google for other stories like this, I very often will run into sites which offer what I call the "Bangladesh translation" of the story.  For reasons unknown, these sites appear to pick up the story apparently from a source in their native language and then either personally or using something like Google Translate, attempt to put it back on the Web in English.

    Here's an example reporting on this storm:

    A able storm with hurricane-force apprehension airtight into western Alaska on Wednesday, causing boundless ability failures in tiny littoral villages and warnings that the breadth could ache above flooding. The National Acclimate Account declared the storm as “extremely alarming and life-threatening” and of “an ballsy consequence not often experienced.” The account said, All bodies in the breadth should booty precautions to aegis their lives and property.Mr. Oomittuk, who monitors acclimate and barge cartage as allotment of his assignment with the village, said gusts had accomplished 70 afar per hour overnight, with abiding apprehension extensive 60. He said the altitude bigger somewhat aboriginal Wednesday morning, with apprehension bottomward to 50 afar an hour. Evacuations had been ordered for some villages, but Mr. Oomittuk said he did not accept any Point Hope association had left. He acclaimed that Point Hope, like abounding built-in villages that are not on a alley system, relies on airplanes to accompany food and to carriage bodies in and out of town. No planes accustomed on Tuesday because of accretion apprehension and none were accepted on Wednesday.

    Admit it....the Gray Lady, CNN, or Kos is never going to give you the richness of language encompassed in the phrase “extremely alarming and life-threatening” and of “an ballsy consequence not often experienced.”

    And one begins to get worried when the authorities in Point Hope report that they rely on airplanes to...."carriage bodies in and out of town."

    I shall continue to monitor reports from the National Acclimate Account for further updates.

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