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View Diary: Occupy Oakland Deposits $20K At Wells Fargo (69 comments)

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  •  Mr. Fong might have his existing trust account (2+ / 0-)
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    Morgan Sandlin, glorificus

    at WF but he would be in a position to open another one somewhere else. It sounds to be like the GA got railroaded into an unfortunate decision.

    •  Richard, it could have been easily done. (2+ / 0-)
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      glorificus, alizard

      In fact its done all the time as a regular course of business with law firms.

      I'm and I don't agree on a many things, but I certainly share your concern over this action.

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      by Morgan Sandlin on Wed Nov 09, 2011 at 10:45:56 AM PST

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      •  I spent a bunch of years working (4+ / 0-)
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        TBug, churchylafemme, glorificus, alizard

        as an accountant. I'm very familiar with trust accounts.

        I've had a lot of experience with non-profits and know that temporary arrangements are necessary in getting the up and running.

        This sounds like people not seeing the forest for the trees.

        Some of the issues that I have raised about the situation in Oakland are things that I think that they don't have full control over. This is not one of those.

        •  Yes, but we have discussed this about people (2+ / 0-)
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          churchylafemme, alizard

          and legal and accounting issues.

          They just, on some level, I believe shut down and don't want to think about it.

          Its the LegalZoom examples- where people are either overpaying (services they could get for free or with a real lawyer at the same rate) or underpaying (they need more services than the site actually is giving, but they don't know that) for Legalzoom because they don't know enough about legal issues to know what they should be paying, but they are being comforted by a sales job.

          I wonder if that's the case here. Did they understand that they had a choice? Or did they believe that this was the only choice, and how did the attorney present the choices to them?

          •  The GA minutes are very brief (1+ / 0-)
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            on the matter. It appears to have been presented as something that was necessary for legal reasons. Unless somebody was prepared to press them on that, there was probably no more information provided.

          •  one of my sisters was (0+ / 0-)

            quoted $500+ for patent filing at legalzoom.

            For an individual, the lowest possible combination of  USPTO fees for a small entity regular patent application that is electronically filed is around $500. My recent app cost $530,  but I had extra claims.

            As I said, this was USPTO fees, covering writing the patent app or even reviewing one written by the applicant would have to be extra service fees on top of what USPTO charges. Then there's patent search.

            I told my sister she needed get a copy of "Patent It Yourself" and use the info to look for other option because that one (assuming one actually wants a defensible patent) is a non-starter.

            I would assume legalzoom is adequate for routine legal filings like incorporation for a small company . . . but if one needs help with a real legal problem, I don't know of a good alternative to using real lawyers.

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            by alizard on Wed Nov 09, 2011 at 05:13:46 PM PST

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            •  Its a waste of money (1+ / 0-)
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              Legalzoom is a glorified data entry service.

              They can't provide you wth legal advice.

              Of you are going to do it DIY, there's no reason to be paying their fees since you aren't getting legal counsel.

              Take incorporation, you can go to any state web site to down load and print out the forms for free. Legal zoom charges you a fee for the same thing you can get at the state web site. Now, you have to pay the fees for the registration, but you have to pay legal zooms fee plus the cost of the registration fee for the company so its a waste of money. But people don't get that. They think they are getting legal services, but if you go to the bottom of the web site it says quite clearly that one is not getting legal representation. Its a DIY site.

              For example, while Legal zoom can provide you the forms to file out, it can't tell you if you are filling out the right forms. If it does that its engaged in the unauthorized practice of law.

              There are other examples I won't go into, but the point is that site like it undersells and oversells to unsophisticated legal consumers, who don't know for example, that the documents they create there are not subject to privilege, which in some cases, for protecting their interests they may want to have.

              I would tell your sister that unless she knows what she's doing she should ask or seek out someone who does.

    •  Just sounds like many of my clients (4+ / 0-)

      They will often make decisions because it sounds too technical based on what sounds easiest rather than what is the right choice as far as their legal needs being brought into line with their business goals.

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