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View Diary: Mitt Romney flip-flops on his flip-flop on Personhood Amendment (84 comments)

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    One great thing about flip-flops (and there are so many, it's hard to speak of just one) --  they leave room for your toes to grow and your feet to breathe; no hot, deformed, fungi feet inhabit the lowly flip-flop.

    And they're so comfortable.  Full of EVA, they buffer the hard shock of pavement on your bones -- and they're affordable.

    A person in the public spotlight may have to go through some uncomfortable soul-searching.  It may make the person seem "soft" on issues ... fluid, like water (a symbol of the spirit).  The important thing is to tune out the public, and emerge prepared to act on what's right.

    Water is over 75% of both the planet's surface and the human body's composition.  Funny isn't it, how matched we are?  Yet no one, after getting hit by a tsunami or  cyclone, would consider water weak or wishy-washy.

    The human spirit and the Holy Spirit are largely "untrackable;" yet many are determined to track and control us.  It's excited the distrust of so many high-powered people, that big profits are being made in gearing up the technological deliveries of mind control methods, and even wireless emotion "reading." Human goodness could stop them, and they know it.

    You could say they've defined the human mind and spirit as the front lines in their war against the human race.  But the quality and ability to rethink things from other perspectives, and arrive at a different conclusion is HIGHLY human.  By establishing good, moral ground rules, and being inclusive of others' needs, we work out better ways to solve problems that all people face.

    For example, when it's possible to clone body parts, why aren't we doing so?  Why aren't we cloning just organs?  And why aren't we cloning just the umbilical cords?  We have urgent need to repair our damaged, aging bodies, but we needn't create a scenario for murder.  Just clone parts.  Science has proven it's possible, and industry has to make it affordable.  The beauty of it is, that every cloned part can be made to exactly match the recipient's cells, and this does away with organ rejection and the necessity of drugging to prevent rejection (by suppressing the immune system's vital protections).

    So don't be so quick to condemn flip-flopping.  Men and women are in a lifelong struggle with their morality, to find what's good and do it, and to include what's relevant to other people, and act on it.  It isn't easy!!  Loving and acting for others takes courage, and largesse of spirit and will.  But struggle for it!  It takes faith to believe in the love of God, and stand on it.

    The older we get, the more sleepless nights we have, because conscience and understanding sharpen.  Somehow it manages to derail the benefit of an increasingly fuzzy memory.  It may be that flip-flopping is a sign of a spirit in a wrestling match ... which is always preferable to the "dead calm" of a spirit in a coma.  It's OK to sweat.

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