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View Diary: “It's still legal in Oklahoma to kill an Indian” (186 comments)

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    i like bbq, Anti Em, asterkitty
    I believe the Jewish people and their descendants would argue your opinion

    (Though I'm not a fan of this sort of superlative -- "the most" etc. -- because it invites such oppression-olympics derailing/denialism that you've demonstrated...)

    Recognizing one oppression/tragedy does not negate any of the very many others that exist. And reality is multi-valent: the 99%/1% distinction is not the only one that exists. But even within that framework, part of the oppression-by-the-1% is that it's enforced via law/tradition/culture, which draws some of the 99% into working for the 1%

    racism is rampant and becoming more virulent as societies become more fractured and this is because of fear for ones group and culture...
    Oh my. I think you might benefit from reading much more history...

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