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  •  Thank you for calling attention to the New (9+ / 0-)

    Apostolic Reformation, Winter Rabbit.  People need to know their attitudes.

    I assume that so far they have not succeeded in

    stripping tribes of their soverign right to educate their children about their culture, stripping tribes of their soverign right to make their own art and music, stripping tribes of their soverign right to govern themselves and to report the hard truth to the public.

    But I don't doubt they want to.  They cannot respect a non-evangelical, non-Christian culture.  In that way they are profoundly anti-democratic and anti-tolerance.

    The "Seven Mountains" language isn't always New Apostolic Reformation -- less extreme conservative evangelicals use it too.  But it's always coming from a sense that right-wing Christianity should not only participate in but be the dominant power in all those realms.  It's always a warning sign to beware of.

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