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  •  Labor history is not taught in schools........... (4+ / 0-)
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    Thanks for the excellent diary and all the books etc. that teach about this very important topic.

    As a retired teacher, I must say that labor history is taught in some classrooms in spite of all the testing hype going on.  While I was still teaching I had a bumper sticker on the wall behind my podium........"Unions, the people that brought you weekends"  Since it was there many a student would ask what did that mean and being a teacher of course I had to tell them some of the history.

    Also taught many of the pivotal events in the history of unions and child labor laws along with all of the required history.  I taught in Texas and you could find a way around some of the requirements.  You had to teach about the people mentioned with an "and" after their names.  For example, great contemporary American Newt Gingrich and George W. Bush.  You could teach about the "such as" also.  Such as would be Americans that were in the civil rights movement such as Dr. Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks.

    So I could teach about all of them and decide where my emphasis should be.

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