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  •  Thanks for your good works. (3+ / 0-)
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    palantir, Floja Roja, on the cusp

    This was our 6th trip to the continent, mostly traveling by bus, staying our own little dome tent in bush camps for over three months in four countries.

    This trip marked  the first time that we witnessed a gathering of rhinos.  We saw 9 standing together on a secondary road in Kruger National Park! South Africans back at the camp said the rhinos like to come together like cows do from time to time....

    •  I saw it mentioned in my research (3+ / 0-)
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      Floja Roja, on the cusp, jlms qkw

      that females will congregate from time to time.

      You're very lucky to get a chance to go there.

      Eco-tourism is helping with conservation efforts because it brings in the cash that local people use to educate their children, build roads, and all sorts of good things.

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