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View Diary: "Never Been So Many Reporters At a Black Youth's Murder in the History of Oakland." More Updates! (165 comments)

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    Kayvan Sabeghi, a founding partner of the Elevation 66 brewpub, is out of the hospital after being injured during an arrest by Oakland police at Occupy Oakland protests a week ago..

    Kelly said Sabeghi's spleen was not removed and that the treatment he received involved some kind of tying or clamping connected with the spleen.

    Also on Thursday, a friend of Sabeghi's was quoted saying that Sabeghi "told my wife and me it makes him uncomfortable to be in the spotlight and he would like to settle this matter outside of the public eye as much as possible." The friend, Richie Collins, made the comment in an email sent to the creator of a new Facebook page, "We Are All Kayvan Sabeghi ." Collins asked that the page be taken down...

    Sabeghi also was highlighted at the El Cerrito City Council Monday when Mayor Ann Cheng said in her opening remarks, "One of our local business owners of Elevation 66 ... was brutally beaten by the Oakland police department, and I just wanted to extend my personal support for his right to be where he was without provocation as a war veteran of Afghanistan and I believe Iraq." She added that she wanted to lend her support for the Occupy Oakland movement.

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