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View Diary: New Bank Fee-for-All: Truly Despicable Charges (111 comments)

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  •  I think ATM fees are already on the rise (10+ / 0-)

    I was at the mall last weekend and needed cash because afterwards we were going to a bar that accepts only cash, and, well, I need drinking money. My bank was nowhere near, so I used some other bank's ATM in the mall (I forget which bank) because my bank doesn't charge me fees for foreign ATMs and will refund me the other bank's fee. That bank charged me $3.50. 3 fuckin dollars (and then some) for me to take my money out.

    The only other place I had ever seen a fee that high was in a casino where you'd expect that sort of thing.

    Now compare that to the credit union's ATM in the building I work in. Their ATM fee for non-account holders is $1.50. Still expensive given the actual transaction processing cost is probably pennies, but much more reasonable.

    My bank is going to refund me that 3.50, but those ATM fee refund perks are going to go away if other banks start jacking up their fees.

    But what I think takes even more chutzpah is when your own bank charges you for using another bank's ATM. BoA did that when I had an account with those bastards, I think it was 2 bucks, on top of what the other bank charged, and obviously that fee was not refunded. I get why the other bank charges a fee - after all, I am not an account holder, they make no money off of me, and because I used the ATM, they have to replace the cash in there and that does cost them. But what did it cost BoA when I used a foreign ATM? Nothing.

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