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View Diary: Iowa Republicans: Cut defense before Social Security, Medicare (55 comments)

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  •  Read them carefully: cut foreign aid (0+ / 0-)

    Cutting foreign aid actually comes out ahead of defense spending cuts in these surveys. Unless they're talking about foreign military assistance* (discounts on jet fighters, APCs and tear gas canisters -- we saw a few of those on display during the Egyptian uprising), that's about 1% of the budget. At first I thought, "pathetically low-information voters", but now I wonder if they're just being disingenuous (these are tea-party sympathizers, after all). What does the choice to "pull our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan" really mean in light of all indications that this will probably happen anyway (I know there's a dispute over that)? Are they really giving up anything real?  Now if the choice had been between Social Security and closing most of the over 600 military bases we have around the world...

    *Why is the Pentagon conducting foreign policy anyway, isn't that the job of the Secretary of State?

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