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  •  The gap between what you say and what empirical (2+ / 0-)
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    data indicate is a mile wide and at least as deep.

    The statement, "fewer Democrats than Republicans are corrupt" is almost certainly true (and something I'd stipulate). This, of course, leads you to plead, "Ergo, the Democratic Party isn't as corrupt as the Republican party," which while likely technically true in terms of raw numbers, carries with it the implication that the Democratic Party itself isn't corrupt, which is most definitely a point of contention to be polite.

    I disagree with the implication, and therefore with its implied corollary, namely that one should therefore refrain from calling out both parties as corrupt.

    You might note that the character of criticism you're responding to itself implies there is a difference both in the kind and degree of corruption. Hence, assuming you see and understand that point of fact, my inferrence that you are in fact implying the above. If that's wrong; that is, if you don't believe dave's and MoT's characterization of the kinds of corruption are different, why not?

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