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  •  I think I got different points from that post (0+ / 0-)

    FWIW. Don't see "good touch bad touch" in there.

    I do see "talk to your children in advance". That has to be good. I see this book as part of prevention.

    It seems to me that there are SO many aspects of prevention, that there need to be multiple books, multiple avenues that we explore with our children.

    I used to talk to my children in advance. We practiced them screaming "This is not my daddy!! This is not my mommy!!" with me with airplane runway earmuffs on, so they could let it rip. Practiced them elbowing someone in the crotch -- me holding couch cushion in front of me. Practiced them doing the instep stomp-- apparently very painful, again, my food had padding over it.

    I was responsible, to research what to do, checked out at least 6-8 books after researching at the library, and then I implemented. Parents need to be able to access many sources, so they can pick the ones that work for them.

    The other thing I did was put a whistle on string around the necks of my children when we were at events or hotels, in case of separation, they could blow it to attract attention. The books said that MOST child sexual predators back off if attention is called to them, and seek a more compliant victim.

    You should have seen my children puff up with pride, when someone at event or hotel said, "Why are you wearing that whistle?" "Because my mom gave it to me so I can blow it if someone tries to grab me and hurt me." They had internalized the message that they WERE worth fighting to protect, that I cared to go out of my way to make sure they were protected, and that it was beyond OK for them to defend themselves. And the response of various people to hearing them articulate all that, seeing them glowing with pride and love, was always positive. Always.

    I get the sense that this book is part of prevention -- that thing we need more of. Part of prevention is conversation, any conversation.

    Just got another idea, which I'll post in response to KJD.

    This health care system is a moral atrocity. Dr. Ralphdog

    by AllisonInSeattle on Sat Nov 12, 2011 at 07:09:30 PM PST

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