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View Diary: I was shouting like a wild-eyed radical. The man with the green Mohawk hairstyle approved. (135 comments)

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    Back when we were debating what to do about GW if he tried to impose martial law, I made a quick survey of every successful revolutionary movement in the last three centuries.  The key element of every success was the moment when the enforcement agents of the oppressive regime were faced with the choice to seriously escalate violence in a situation where they recognized the inherent injustice of their orders and their own identification with the protesters.  At that point, soldiers lowered or threw away their guns and joined the rebellion, and the previous rulers were lucky if they made it out alive.

    Often it takes deaths among the protesters to bring out this moment.  But it is the key.  Another point, relevant to earlier mentions of strong men having trouble controlling their anger when they see the women beside them being abused.  It is usually the WOMEN who cause this sudden turning-point.  Male soldiers and police are fighting their biological instincts to protect and make love to young women when they're ordered to assault them.  They're fighting their natural instincts to seek comfort and security from mother-figures when ordered to pacify them.  Instincts can be pretty hard to fight.  It makes sense to use those instincts against them.  Or alternatively, in opening them up to realization of their own humanity.

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