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View Diary: Public Radio’s Warren Olney Links Penn State Scandal To LGBT People’s Adoption Rights (203 comments)

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  •  I missed the "perhaps" (0+ / 0-)

    but caught the other few thousand words, thank you very much.  

    Give me a break...

    •  Well, in the comment by clark above (2+ / 0-)
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      Clarknt67, dharmafarmer

      to which you were responding, there weren't a "few thousand" words, only thirty eight and one of the operative ones was perhaps. Nowhere in that comment, or for that matter, the entire diary does clark call Olney a homophobe. Being an outright homophobe and setting up insensitive false equivalencies while perhaps being unconsciously influenced by society's institutionalized homophobia are two different things. Give us all a break...

      •  Is all this silly parsing necessary??? (0+ / 0-)

        There were thousands of words in the original post BEFORE the perhaps.  I had been responding to clark well before the 38 word "perhaps"post (thanks for counting btw) and he had made it abundantly clear that he felt Olney's behavior was homophobic or at least homophobe-enabling even if he never said Olney himself was outright.  He was NOT pitching it as a guy who may have been 'unconsciousy influenced', and everyone here knows that.  One little tiny "perhaps" doesn't really balance all the other stuff when it comes pretty far after the fact.      

        Is all this parsing really necessary?  Is there really any doubt about the issues here?  

        •  Well, with this, there is certainly (2+ / 0-)
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          Clarknt67, Mortifyd

          no doubt about your furious backpedaling from your "show me the evidence" that he is a homophobe in your comment above. Look, we all get that Olney is someone you admire. That's fine. So, it is not "silly parsing" to help you understand that Olney is not being called a homophobe by clark. You are correct to point out that clark is saying that Olney's unfortunate presentation of these two non-related topics (i.e., the PSU pedophile scandal and gay adoption) is homophobe-enabling, because it is homophobe-enabling. That is borne out by the hate-mongering "expert" he chose to speak to the false equivalency that Olney insensitively set forth. There is no doubt about that issue. None of that indicates that clark is calling Olney a homophobe, for which YOU demanded that he produce evidence. It was your overreaction that began this exchange. Elsewhere in your comments, you "agreed" with clark that Olney should apologize. For what? People say homophobic things all the time. Some even set up situations which harm LGBT people, unintentionally, but also unintelligently. Some other people, because their ox is gored, accuse diarists of things they are not actually saying, parsed or otherwise. There is no doubt about that issue either.

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