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View Diary: Another Way the Main-Stream Media Keeps us Down and Angry (67 comments)

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    It's shit like this why I'm glad I don't have TV. Oh, I have a television set, but I'm not using it for anything much at the moment. When I move out and have more space, I'll probably just use it for playing videogames and watching movies.

    It's also shit like this why I don't much like "CSI" or the various iterations of "Law and Order." I feel much better watching the old Jeremy Brett "Sherlock Holmes." I've wondered, why should I like the Brett "Holmes" over "CSI" and "Law and Order," with only a few exceptions on the side of the latter two? It is because, I think, the latter wallow in melodrama, mawkishness, and a generally sordid, black outlook. Also, gorn.

    I am so glad I don't watch TV... the only useful channels I can think of off the top of my head are HBO, AMC, and Sci-Fi for entertainment, and the channel that shows the proceedings of the State Legislature. That's about it. Comedy Central for Stewart and Colbert, but I can watch that online if I wanted to.

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