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    I'm afraid that Tom Tomorrow just outed himself as someone who either slept through Sunday School, or, horrors, never went to Sunday School or had Catholic religious instruction.  How did our system of Christian madrassas fail us here?

    I reach that conclusion because the idea being presented would far more naturally fit the trope that the R field this year is the herd of swine that was possessed when that legion of evil spirits possessing the Gadarene demoniac was exorcised by Christ.  If you too slept through Sunday School, read all about it at Matthew 8:28-34, or Mark 5:1-20, or Luke 8:26-39.  Don't understand what's the matter with Kansas?  Simple, it's been possessed.

    Not only is a legion of unclean spirits a better fit than some knock-off Halloween ghost for what is possessing the contemporary Republican Party, that metaphorical comparison as an explanation of abnormal psycho-political behavior has a tradition.  Go read Swift's poem, "The Legion Club", which is an appreciation of the Irish Parliament of his day as an assemblage of demonically possessed swine.

    Oh, and a further reason to think Gadarene demoniac when you survey the moral wreckage that it today's Republican Party, is how that story ends.  The herd of possessed swine jumps off a cliff into a lake in their madness, and they all drown.  With any luck, that's how the Republican National Convention will end this year.  It could happen literally if there is a body of water or a cliff near the convention center, or figuratively if they go for open carry on the convention floor.  That demon NRA is the nastiest member of the Legion.

    We should have destroyed the presidency before Obama took office. Too late now.

    by gtomkins on Mon Nov 14, 2011 at 09:54:46 AM PST

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