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    not disagreeing with your sentiments, but a couple of your examples are bad.

    One- Spielburg's name is not censored in Lebanon. One movie theater worker covered up his name at a theater here in Beirut. It was uncovered as soon as it came to the attention of the authorities. While technically Spielburg's movies shouldn't be shown here legally, it has nothing to do with his being Jewish. He donated a large sum to Israel, and Lebanon, at war with Israel, has a boycott against firms and people who do business or support Israel financially. It's not enforced (I live in Beirut at the moment, I can assure you his name shows up on his posters and movies). It's similar to the fact that groups here that interact with Hizbollah aren't suppose to be able to work with USAID or the State Department, but it's largely ignored because it's impractical, aid groups working in some areas have to deal with Hizbollah to be able to do their job. There's no law against Judaism in Lebanon, and an American or European Jew could come here, as long as they have no ties to Israel.

    And in Egypt, the pyramids closure, I don't know the whole story. But it's been in the papers here, and nothing mentioned the Jewish connection. It's all about Masons and cults. The article you posted (which merely noted that some of those involved were Jewish and threw in the old "Jews want the pyramids" shit) is the first Jewish connection to the events Ive seen. I'm not saying it's incorrect, I use to live in Cairo, and antisemitism definitely plays a role, just that I'm suspicious of Jpost's story. They seem to be playing up the Jewish connection here.

    There's a big difference between anti-semitism in the west and the middle east. Things that might very well be thinly veiled antisemitism in America sometimes are truly anti-Zionism here. I get asked by everyone who finds out I've been to Tel Aviv what it's like. They have this idea that it's the most amazing city and want to go see it. They don't hate Jews or even Israelis. But they have hundreds of thousands of Palestinians here in refugee camps that they stand in solidarity with, and so the boycott and war will continue until the Palestinians can go home. It's not all the antisemitism of Hizbollah, you have to remember that Lebanon is a truly multi secular nation.

    Tackling the difference between the two concepts is key to stamping out anti-semitism, in my opinion.


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