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  •  One small but important quibble... (0+ / 0-)
    I think it is fair to criticize TV, but remember the business of TV is to sell TV shows, not to tell the truth.

    The business of TV is to sell soap, as is the business of ALL COMMERCIAL MEDIA.

    Print media controlled public opinion for generations by offering a product -- information -- that was largely accurate (although slanted toward the right), offered differing viewpoints and was thus largely trusted and in turn largely supported by consumers.  As print media was owned by corporations, it neglected to call attention to the larger truth.

    TV has replaced print media as the "go to" source of information and is now controlled by mega-conglomerates who are not concerned with accuracy, only selling soap.

    The business of America is to protect the status quo -- the oligarchy, plutocracy, uber-rich, whatever label one wishes to apply.  It has wildly succeeded largely through propaganda at all levels, including TV and films.

    That is the larger picture, the larger truth.  Among the many tactics the oligarchy uses to preserve the status quo are confusion, distraction and misinformation.

    Until America at large sees, recognizes and accepts as truth the larger picture, they will keep hacking at "sub-issues," and failing to address the root problem.  Similar to a tree, it cannot be "cured" by clipping branches (sub-issues); it needs to be uprooted and killed at the source of its existence.

    The root problem is THE FEW CONTROL THE MANY.  This is as it has always been, and American democracy, which was ostensibly created to change that, has only sustained it, by creating a class rich enough to control the many, just as historically the few (the Church; royalty) controlled the many.  Capitalism inherently results in control of the many by the few.  The less regulated capitalism is by the masses, the more absolute will be the control of the masses by those who control capitalism -- the oligarchy.  The vast wealth of the oligarchy is the result of generations of wealth accumulation and generation of further wealth through investment and industry and limitation of the participants through inter-marriage within the class.  It's actually very similar to the aristocacy in England that the forefathers revolted against, enlisting thousands of fighters of average means by promising "democracy."  The average American buys the mythology of the American Dream and works his ass off with statisically little chance of ever achieving it; the oligarchy leisurely keep his hopes alive by tossing him crumbs from time to time, thereby perpetuating the effects of the propaganda.

    That there are so many CURRENT examples of the truth of the foregoing only proves (to me) the veracity of this claim.  For example, the right continues to exist as a legitimate political force in spite of years of spewing political "thought" totally unsubstantiated by fact.  This year's Republican presidential campaign line-up consists of clowns, yet legitimacy is conferred upon it by the failure of the media to identify it as such.  The continual "debates" broadcast on national TV are nothing more than distractions.  The more distractions the media serves up, the less time and thought people have to consider the real problems.  

    By failing to see the larger picture, Democrats are, as usual, participating in their own powerlessness...  they fail to see they're getting screwed with their pants on until after the fact.  The efforts of the ogligarchy are effective.

    The disportionate distribution of wealth is a symptom of the larger picture.  Recognition of this by the masses MAY BE the beginning of the masses' willingness to attack the problem at its roots.

    The few haven't controlled the many all these eons by being stupid.  The only hope is a better informed citizenry, and the internet may yet provide that... The Occupy movement may be evidence that Americans are starting to wake up, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Kick apart the structures - Seth

    by ceebee7 on Sun Nov 13, 2011 at 12:15:24 PM PST

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