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  •  Two sets of numbers (none)

     Dean      24%
     Gephardt  23%
     Kerry     23%
     Edwards   18%
     Kucinich  3%
     Unc/Clark/Lieb 9%

    Final count, statewide average
     Dean      28%
     Gephardt  26%
     Kerry     19%
     Edwards   13%
     Kucinich  1%
     Uncommitted 13%

    Turnout:  125k

    I believe that Dean and Gephardt will be the only ones to break 15% in all ~2000 precincts.  That means there will be some precincts where Edwards (especially) or Kerry (despite the late surge) will not earn any delegates, therefore lowering their statewide averages.  

    And how can I be the only one who thinks Kucinich will pick up delegates?

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