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  •  Kos, feel free to delete (none)
    Kos, feel free to delete any or all of my "averages" posts if you think they're off-topic. Maybe you could leave the most recent one and delete the older ones if you think they're clutter but also providing at least minimal value.

    I'll take a shot at updating a couple more times if people are interested and I don't see all of the previous posts deleted :-)  

    There is some error in here for sure. I've seen at least 4 people who have totals greater than 100% and I may have made a typo or two.  But given the sample of greater than 250, I think it's a roughly accurate presentation of the dKos community prediction and I'll double-check for typos and any 'corrected' predictions before releasing my final average sometime tomorrow.

     My candidate kisses babies. Your candidate is a mass murderer.

    by asa on Mon Jan 19, 2004 at 04:00:23 AM PST

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