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    we did it here in Germany. (well, "here" is nostalgic for me as I´m no longer there.) In any case, nucelar power was stopped in Germany solely due to the rejection by the people, and in the face of business and government embracing it. To do that however, required decades and it required massive demonstrations by the people, which started out like your OWS now but which developed a well understood violent side in due course, -- I myself remember the battles we fought at Brokdorf and other places -- and it incuded public opposition refusing to be split into factions, it included a number of accidents making the point of the resistance very obvious, and it included the founding of an entirely new party in our multiparty system - the Greens - that rose and rose in numbes and power. Even so it took until 1998 = thirty yeras from the beginning of the movement before the Greens first came to power and first officially stopped the nukes, and then fifteen more years up until today for even the business and conservative establishment to accept giving up nukes.

    The irony being of course that many of us nowadays would even accept running the existing nukes for a while longer as tool to help in transition because we recognize the climate destruction as the bigger danger.

    But the point of this is that illustrates what it takes to change the course of a society like ours on a point thats so central to the business/power establishment, and the current fossil fuel interests are even more entrenched - in te US - than the nuke industry ever was. It is possible. But it requires a full blown public revolt and resistance, including not shrinking from support for things that will be decried as violent. This needs to grow in the US. I´m convinced that it can grow, as unthinkable as it may appear. But it will take fifty years, And in all that time the carbon of those fifty yeras will be added to whats already out there and therefore, we´ll not be able to avoid a large amount of ecological degradation. It still is necessary because doing nothing makes everything still worse. But all people should realize that there´s no option anymore to avoid significant damage and hurt.  

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