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View Diary: Occupy Oakland: All Signs Point to Police Raid Tonight. Liveblog. (117 comments)

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  •  green, yellow, red zones (6+ / 0-)
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    jpmassar, Major Tom, ER Doc, cany, Shockwave, Matt Z

    green = no risk of arrest, probably safe even for people who are unarrestable such as those with warrants, in the country illegally, parents, etc

    yellow = some risk of arrest for misdemeanors, likely to be thrown out in court, possibly safe for bystanders who follow police orders

    red = don't be in this area if you don't have a gas mask

    Simple system, was employed effectively in alterglobalization movement.

    •  Ran (7+ / 0-)

      Your zones are superb. Kudos!!! Of course, as I'm sure you know, the green and yellow zones do provide some defensive protection and cover to those in the red zones (that occurred in Portland last night). Also, those in the outer zones are potentially important witnesses. Again, I love the strategy.

      One other thing: if matters get too hairy, clearing out and returning later, perhaps in the light of day, might be wise. Indeed, the movement can outlast the police and civil authorities, inasmuch as these stupid and ill-conceived police events (to enforce a minor city curfew ordinance) will surely become highly cost prohibitive at some point soon.

      Once more, kudos to all you brave folks who certainly do have the courage of your convictions."  I salute you.

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