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View Diary: Updated x3:Occupy Portland:Musician Loses Use of Right Arm Video of Hospital Interview (99 comments)

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  •  I have plenty of experience in that arena already (0+ / 0-)

    I don't need to go sit in a courtroom or read trial transcripts or watch how police behave more closely to be more well-informed. What I wrote above is 100% accurate and relevant.

    And civil disobedience is a violation. Denying that is denying reality. In some cases it results in a simple citation, and in other cases it's a full-fledged crime.

    There have been a few cases where it appears that a few individual cops have been violent. There's no evidence that they've been ordered to be violent. Because of the risk of violence from protesters, they protect themselves against that risk - that's why they carry guns and tasers around with them all the time, after all - not because they're constantly confronted with the need to use those tools, but because if there's a need, they're ready. This ain't rocket science.

    Tackling someone who was a peaceful protester who then chooses to resist arrest isn't the cop being violent. I've seen plenty of evidence of protesters behaving badly as well as a few examples of cops apparently behaving badly, but in many of those examples, we don't see all of what led up to that behavior.

    Now, in many cases, I support the efforts and the methods of the protesters - "behaving badly" is part and parcel of civil disobedience to gain publicity. Throwing firecrackers to spook police horses is not. Throwing yourself under a police scooter, then whining that your foot got stuck under it and so you pushed it over is not. Being angry and offended that cops who were ignoring your initial temper tantrum (of lying on the street and pretending you were hit and knocked down by a scooter you purposely stepped in front of) came at you violently and arrested you after you kicked over a police scooter when you didn't get the attention you wanted - I don't support that guy's assertion that the cops shouldn't have run him over (he didn't) or that they shouldn't have arrested him for kicking over the scooter (they should have, since that's blatant civil disobedience).

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