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View Diary: A media blackout on Michael Bloomberg's raid on Zuccotti Park (263 comments)

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  •  As this sort of thing seems to be happening (10+ / 0-)

    all across the nation the last week or so,
    I have to wonder if it is just a coincidence that all these cities simultaneously decided to clear the protests this week or is there a coordinated organized plan to use violence to suppress OWS.

    That might just be a paranoid thought, but the recent GOP governors actions were coordinated nationwide before the 2010 election.
    It was no coincidence that the same policies were rammed through in Wisconsin, Ohio and Michagan.

     If this is true, I have to wonder who are the people who are behind the planning and organizing of the war on the 99%.

    I know about the Koch Brothers and their ilk, but it would be amazing to me that a handful of people would have the clout and resources to organize a class war on the 99%.

    These people are not even the 1%.
    They are more like the 0.01% of the 1%.....and they seemed committed to idea of economic war on the rest of us  and if need be using Middle Eastern style state violence and media control/ propaganda to wage that economic war...
    Yeah I know tinfoil hat and all that.

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