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View Diary: Michael Bloomberg's raid on Zuccotti Park and freedom of the press: 'Not tonight' (183 comments)

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    are posting all over Politico. Thanking and praising the Burgermeister Meisterburger for kicking out the filthy hippies. Suggesting the use of napalm and telling the lazy commies to put down their bongs and get a job. I guess First Amendment rights are reserved solely for corporations and fat, old, white assholes in tri-cornered hats complaining about high taxes (which are actually now lower), looming gun confiscations (gun laws are now more lax than ever), big Govt spending (disregarding the cost of the Bush tax cuts, subsidies, loopholes and the "off the books" expense of two pointless wars), socialism, creeping Shariah law, long-form birth certificates...etcetera, etcetera etcetera.

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