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View Diary: OBAMA FINDS WMDS (for real, not snark) & Herman Cain's new Libya answer: 999 (again not snark!) (180 comments)

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  •  There is always a big risk with (8+ / 0-)

    chemical weapons. You want to be WAY outside range before you use them. Like maybe in another country.

    If the wind blows them toward you, you die right along with whoever you were aiming at. So Gaddafi wouldn't have used them on the rebels - he wasn't far enough away, and if he miscalculated, the wind changed, or the shells detonated too soon, he would wipe out himself as well.

    Most dictators don't want to take chances like that. They have no problem killing other people, but if doing so is likely to threaten them, they'll decide it's not worth it.

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