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View Diary: OBAMA FINDS WMDS (for real, not snark) & Herman Cain's new Libya answer: 999 (again not snark!) (180 comments)

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  •  I supported action to END a war (7+ / 0-)

    Had the world failed to act, Libya would be in a state of vicious Civil War like Sudan or 90s Balkans.

    This isn't like Iraq, we didn't go to war based on flimsy evidence that Gaddafi had these weapons. We went because it was blatantly obvious he was shelling, bombing, sniping, and raping his own people, city by city.

    We went because the Libyan people themselves were crying out for help in the streets of Benghazi and in the halls of the UN.

    We did it, at minimal cost in treasure and zero cost in American lives. Its done. We're not occupying the country.

    Any WMDs dismantled, terrorists brought to justice, or democracy which flowers in the aftermath of our action is GRAVY. Just GRAVY.

    •  I dont agree with you (0+ / 0-)

      I simply believe that we went to Libya for oil and as part of the neoconservative plan to transform the middle east.   The Libya war was a continuation of the same plan that started with Iraq.  Similar plan, but the approach was changed.  Next seems to be Syria and then Iran.  In the mean time, other murderous dictators (as bad as Gaddafi) are left alone to continue to kill their people (i.e. Saudis, Bahrain, UAE, etc).  In fact, we also continue to supply them with weapons that they use to kill their own people (see Bahrain).    

    •  Also because the countries in the neighborhood, (0+ / 0-)

      as well as NATO allies, AGREED, and committed a significant portion of the military assets and personnel. Unlike most of our military efforts.

      Okay, the Government says you MUST abort your child. NOW do you get it?

      by Catskill Julie on Wed Nov 16, 2011 at 07:56:42 AM PST

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