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View Diary: Which swing state is the 'swingiest?' (99 comments)

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    MichaelNY, SoCalGal23, Larsstephens

    I'm just glad the GOP nominated Emmer and not someone more appealing to more Minnesotans.  If Marty Seifert was nominated instead of a hard right exurbanite, they would have the trifecta right now.  Many voters were sick of the DFL but could not stomach voting for Emmer.

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      SoCalGal23, Larsstephens, LordMike

      ....would have likely won in Minnesota last year.  But I think part of the reason why so many Minnesotans voted Republican in the legislative races was because they thought Dayton was be Governor.  So my hunch is that if Emmer looked like he was gonna win the gubernatorial race before the election, more voters would have stuck with the DFL in the legislative races.  Just a theory, but I don't sense Minnesotans went into the 2010 election wishing to install Republicans in control of every level of state government.

      •  Voters like gridlock for some reason. (1+ / 0-)
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        It's the only explanation I can come up with for why my Senate district has two Democratic representatives and a Republican senator (Benjamin Kruse).

        (in Minnesota, a Senate district is evenly split into two House districts)

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