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View Diary: I wasn't in favor of OWS. Now I am. (206 comments)

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    1. change the political dialogue

    political dialogue has changed. People are even talking goddamned underpants gnomes now. I myself don't think goddamned underpants gnomes are to blame for the dire situation our country is in, but apparently it's a starting point for you so I'll hear you out on this one.

    2. grow the movement

    personally I haven't heard before that goddamned underpants gnomes had joined any of the occupations, but I wouldn't be surprised given the growing inequality, the corruption in our system and the increased awareness of OWS that has resulted from the good work being done by these courageous young patriots.

    3. be resilient in the face of opposition

    this is always good advice, atheistben. I'm sure your goddamned underpants gnomes would agree.

    4. grow legitimacy of the movements' ideals

    this has not been hard in general because most people just get it. They don't have to look any farther than their own extended family to see the erosion in opportunity for the middle class. They are painfully aware that our government has become so corrupted and dysfunctional that they have lost faith that anyone in government cares and thus it's only going to get worse. Then again, not everyone can put it all together. There are some people doing very well off under the current system and they don't want anything changed.  

    5. the extant organizational/functional state of the movement

    the US government has had 200+ years to learn how to organize into an effective functional system responsive to the needs of the citizens. The occupy movement has had 60 days. That's less time than a college student has to work on a term paper. And during that time they've had  to deal with all sorts of unnecessary crises thrust on them night after night.

    Action Plan:

    as far as an action plan, this movement is inherently grassroots which means you and your goddamned underpants gnomes can plan, and implement your own actions.

    A piece of advice on this- take into account it's starting to get colder out there as we move into winter. It might be advantageous to getting some ski pants for your goddamned underpants gnomes if your plan involves spending time outside in tents or marches.

    hope this helps.

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