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  •  A suggestion: OPEN UP SHOP! (#OWS Headqtrs.) (1+ / 0-)
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    Undoubtedly there are many peaceful ways to brutally agitate those who are too powerful for their own good, but I think this one might actually work, if OWS can afford it.

    Quite simple:  Find an empty storefront or any empty space somewhere highly visible in the Financial District, rent it and set up shop.  Use the space to hold meetings, plan and organize future events, offer free pamphlets or sell books and DVDs related to political, economic and union action, job information and other information related to the issues that are relevant to this movement.

    Use this facility to acquire donations and funds to support the movement, pay the rent, and help the homeless or unemployed; even act as a contact point for Occupation movements worldwide.

    The obvious main objective for opening up shop in the Wall Street area is to be a continuing presence there.  And what better way to royally annoy the fat cats than to have an OWS General Headquarters there?  And if it were located within sight of Zuccotti Park, so much the better!  An itch that the top 1% can't get rid of is the goal here.

    Now, what would make Bloomberg literally chew his desk besides an OWS headquarters within walking distance of City Hall?  How about a second OWS facility, somewhere else in NYC?

    Something to really consider, on the way to doing something that I suggested a month and a half ago, which I think should be the next step in the Occupation movement:  Create full-blown PACs!  It is definitely not too late, though naysayers like PIX11 commentator Larry Mendte would have the still-uninformed and/or naïve believe otherwise.

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