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View Diary: Super Congress Republicans dig in on no tax increases, Democrats still talk concessions (111 comments)

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  •  The Democratic Party has been around since (0+ / 0-)

    Jefferson in all kinds of permutations, and I definitely support it. OWS-style movements have been around too, but they change frequently and permutate much, much faster.
    We don't know what this movement will look like in a month, six months, a year, the long haul. We've had populist movements on the left, and this would be one of them.

    I support BOTH: I don't need to choose the Democratic Party OR OWS at the exclusion of the other. Both movements have their uses. Again, it's not EITHER/0R with me.  And if the OWS doesn't gain and keep allies and sympathy for its cause then it will wither much faster than otherwise.  Enough said.
    At my age I start repeating myself.

    " still, and cry not aloud; for it is an unholy thing to boast over slain men." Odysseus, in Homer's Odyssey

    by Wildthumb on Wed Nov 16, 2011 at 03:02:37 PM PST

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