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View Diary: Support for Occupy Wall Street drops in new poll (306 comments)

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  •  These numbers are unsurprising (6+ / 0-)

    Americans have become far more conservative in their core beliefs and views over the past 3-4 decades--and they were never as liberal as many rosy-eyed views of the 60's might suggest. A majority of Americans prefer liberal policies, but view the world through conservative eyes. It makes no sense, of course, but neither does the US, in many ways, a country founded on liberty while enslaving millions. We have always been a huge bundle of contradictions, held together by political, legal and economic baling wire and tape. We are generous and good, but also selfish and often just plain evil. We just don't make much sense, really.

    What this poll shows, I think, is that a lot of Americans don't really understand what OWS is about, and are confusing tactics with beliefs and goals. It also shows how easy they are for the media to manipulate (just recall how many appear to be ready to nuke Iran on the thinnest of the same tired old scare tactics that got us into Iraq). We are a nation of ignorant, impatient and often simply stupid mice, who want their cheese and don't really care or understand who moved it.

    Dems have done a simply abysmal job of aligning themselves with OWS properly and differentiating themselves from Wall St. and the GOP--perhaps because many of them are, well, aligned with Wall St. and the GOP?

    I blame this on a stupid, lazy and ignorant populace, and a stupid, lazy and weak Democratic party and its broader support structure. They are all corporatists now, and that is why they've failed to capture the public's support.

    Also, I think that OWS has failed to evolve properly. We need mass rallies and street protests breaking out spontaneously in symbolically important locations, not encampments in downtown squares, with prominent involvement by all the key players, like unions, teachers, nurses, firemen, cops, vets, homeowners, students, etc.--people the public can relate to, that would overcome OWS's image of being run by and for slumming hippies who shit on sidewalks (however wrong).

    "Liberty without virtue would be no blessing to us" - Benjamin Rush, 1777

    by kovie on Wed Nov 16, 2011 at 10:40:44 AM PST

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