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View Diary: The 1% buy $1,000 shoes while Walmart customers struggle to pay for Thanksgiving dinner (83 comments)

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    ill use this quote: life isn't always fair.

    Life isn't always fair then i guess the rich can suck it up and pay more taxes because life isn't fair.

    Here is the trade off then: they have more money, they pay more taxes, some have less, they pass less taxes (as a percentage of their income).

    Not fair?

    Too damn bad, life isn't always fair. THey can deal with it. Things seemed to be working fine when the rates were A LOT higher than they are now.

    The 1% isn't even particularly focused on guys like jobs and gates, the real problem is the financial institutions who create nothing of value and just game the system to run off with millions and leave us holding the debt. Tell me exactly what an executive at one of these firms does to improve society and is worth the money they make? Check that...worth the RISK they take with OUR money?

    Simple regulations that were in place prevented such outlandish behavior by the wealthy, higher taxes gave people an INCENTIVE (since that is a buzz word around here) to keep their money in investments long term and help grow the economy instead of this slash and burn mentality that currently prevails...thats not capitalism thats just plain casino rules.

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