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View Diary: Verizon pays a negative federal income tax rate, then pursues more tax breaks (41 comments)

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  •  we also have stop buying their stuff (1+ / 0-)
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    and tell everyone why. It's working with banks and credit unions. Tie the pols to the legislation, and the campaign contributions that made it so they paid no taxes,  said  in the same breath as the name of the company. How we pay a fortune for crappy service, when in Korea it's  cheaper and 10 time faster. How they use the millions in tax money they save for corporate bloat and waste. The answer to how we need to cut corporate taxes to spur job growth should always be "What jobs? What about Verizon? It made X billion and paid no taxes, laid off workers and forced givebacks while making record profits." Every time they say cut corporate taxes we say Verizon, and remind them we have to pay more taxes so they don't have to.

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