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  •  Factor in reductions due to decreased timber and (3+ / 0-)
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    paper production.  The number of trees that could be left standing by abandoning pulpwood farming and framing-timber farming is beyond the scope of my brain, but I've seen what pulp plants do to the world around them, I've seen the empty miles where clear-cutting has left nothing but ruts, bugs and worms.

    Leaving those trees to grow and age would be a great good in so many ways:  more CO2-uptake, restoration of old-growth habitats, long-term expansion of resources - and more importantly, the people and the land are one.  When we rip up the world around us, we rip ourselves up, and our relationships suffer on all levels.  We get distorted, alienated, crazy, desperate;  we make bad decisions, stupid choices, dangerous misjudgments, and we all suffer.

    Maybe that was the point of the Enclosures:  not to fence the land in, but to fence US in, remove us from the natural world and crowd us into towns and cities where everything is owned, where we can't provide for ourselves, and we must make money to buy the food we can no longer grow, find or catch, so we can sleep under shelter that we can no longer free to find or make for ourselves.

    A few hundred years of that, and you 'cultivate' a crop of humans incapable of understanding their own self-interest (or of telling shit from shoe-polish).  Easy to control, pre-frightened, pre-domesticated - not a whole lot different from how dogs are turned into killers.

    Not used a whole lot differently than those poor dogs are used, either.  Gosh, I'm rambling today, aint I?


    by chmood on Thu Nov 17, 2011 at 09:04:10 AM PST

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