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View Diary: The Silence of the Democratic Party is Complicity (88 comments)

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    It's just like when people were complaining that Obama didn't go march in Wisconsin during the protests there.

    If Obama starts to publicly champion OWS, the wingnuts and corporate media will make it Obama's Occupy movement. The meme won't be "Dirty Hippies in Illegal Camps" anymore, it will immediately become "Dirty Hippies in Illegal Obama Camps".

    By inserting himself into this, Obama would give them a lightning rod to attack. His involvement would be a distraction and it would dilute the message of the movement more than it is already being diluted by all the BS news stories about protester violence & sanitation isuues.

    I can hear Sean Hannity already:

    So the president started these hippie camps full of sex & drugs as a way to push his radical Socialist agenda...

    Every politician claims they are not influenced by either seeking/receiving corporate campaign contributions or by lobbyist-feuled agendas. A more salient question would be: how many hours of your day are truly spent in the absence of either? -Hunter

    by Dopeman on Wed Nov 16, 2011 at 04:32:54 PM PST

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