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    over 2000+  arrested in the past two months for using their constitutional right to peaceably assemble and to petition their gov't for redresses of grievances against it. (like hello, Mr. Gov't, how come you aren't actively investigating the rigged corruption occurring on Wall Street in regard to the whole mortgage/debt issue, MERS, robosigning, accounting standards, and ratings agencies and a whole host of other interrelated issues.

    Allegedly per Mayors such as Bloomberg, millions of dollars spent in "policing" said peaceful assemblies (who's paying for it), and all the while we are still told we need to slash budgets/services, public pensions(minus the police state) and demand that we be force fed austerity til the cows come home by the same ruling class elite. No money for education or health care or safety nets, ... yet there's always money available for police state activities protecting the 1% interests.

    And Mayor Bloomberg and others in leadership, amazingly the money is available to police the 99 percent exercising their right to peacefully protest their gov't, yet you can't find any money to hire a team of investigators and start real investigations into the crooks running the banking cartel on Wall Street...the same cartel that blew up the world economy for the 99%. Maybe if you got some real hardcore investigations rolling and prosecuted some real criminals for once might not need the heavy police force for the masses.

    And as I read someone on twitter or the internets said...Police are occupying wall street now ...what are their demands?

    48forEastAfrica-Donate to Oxfam The Plutocratic States of America, the best government the top 1% and corporations can buy. We are the 99%-OWS.

    by emal on Wed Nov 16, 2011 at 05:54:46 PM PST

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