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View Diary: Big Banks have abandoned small businesses (78 comments)

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    great new computers and laptops. Of course their clients havent thrown out thier computers. Our clients haven't thrown out the tabulations and stats they need they have no work,  no cash flow, no money. No way to get capital flowing back to them. The real economy.  

    It's trickle down poverty. Get a grip small businesses are hurting regardless of  the support they get on the net. They are being eliminated and dropping like flies. Savvy businesses like Obama talks about? The ones that are not criminal but just savvy? I'm talking local small not savvy entrepreneurs who have capital.    

    Real small business local and not public cannot afford to buy new computers they cannot even afford to service what they have and in some cases don't have the need for them anymore as they are going under. Maybe your concept of small businesses differs from the reality that many real small businesses face.  

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