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View Diary: The Daily Show Gets Fox-ified On OWS. (60 comments)

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  •  It's a shame that you all are unable to accept (9+ / 0-)

    any angle that goes against the pre-defined left-wing narrative, which is that OWS is all saintly and all opposition is bad.

    1.  The piece was a comedy sketch.  Deal with it.

    2. Just because Stewart takes an angle you may not agree with doesn't mean that he's selling you out, or that he has any less integrity than  he did before the piece.

    3. The piece offered some interesting irony, and while it was obviously a bit contrived (it's a comedy sketch for fuck's sake) it was a really cool angle from a sociological perspective.  Sure there was exaggeration, but more than just a modicum of truth in it as well.

    4. The degree to which users on this site shut themselves off from all opposing opinions is, frankly, very disturbing.  You attribute lack of critical thinking to people like Beck and the Tea Party, but you do the same thing.

    Are you going to storm Stewart's house with pitchforks?

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