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View Diary: The Daily Show Gets Fox-ified On OWS. (60 comments)

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    bustacap, Deep Texan

    the conservative media says when they criticize  Jon S.

    He only claims to be a comedian who has chosen to make his commentary on politics.  He also states that what he does is based in truth, and I believe this is why so many people trust what he has to say.   I would say he does not lie.  This does not mean that he never makes mistakes, but usually what he does is based in fact.

    It is a sad commentary on American journalism that a comedian (on Comedy Central no less) is considered one of the most trusted people in news.

    This is not because Jon holds himself out as a journalist, but because the level of journalism has sunk so low, that people turn to him for truth.

    With regard to the big rally in DC. . . I don't know if it was explicitly stated, but it was certainly implied - this was in response to, and an attempt to make fun of Glenn Beck and the Tea Party Rallies.

    You are correct that a lot of people turn to the Daily Show to learn what is going on, and it does shape their opinions.  But Jon has never claimed to be anything other than the court jester who points out what is going on in the kingdom.

    People looked to the court jester for the truths that others were afraid to call attention to.  But they remained the court jester.  Jon remains a comedian, and he can and does use both sides of the political and social spectrum as source material.

    If I remember correctly, Jon has stated that he did not move closer to 'real news', but 'real news' has moved closer to Comedy Central.  If Jon choses to stay just a comedian, he has the right to do so.  And it is not fair for us to hold him to a journalist standard when he has expressly stated that he is not a news person, but a comedian who comments on the news.

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