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  •  Hey Senator Saunders (2+ / 0-)
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    zaka1, Nada Lemming

    Who and what caused these 'serious deficits'? Endless wars of aggression? Bankster's looting and bailouts? It isn't the people who did this to the economy it the owners of the place the global pillagers who call themselves the Third Way blue dogs, new Democrat's and of course Republicans,  they represent all of them the new world order or what ever they label themselves as. Screw the deficit,  screw these trade deals, screw wall street and there ownership society. Where's our representation, where's an economy that works for real people? As much as I appreciate you  please look at what is going down here and fight it. Do not tell me deficits are important and that the Democrat's stand with me they don't they refuse to.    

    •  Thanks Dems you are now a Bipartisan Party (6+ / 0-)

      Many Kossacks I see here in comments also agree with me that these are "Not my kind of Democrats" - and nothing I much can stomach. (anymore)

      The Democrat Brand has been near ruined. I wonder if it can ever recover from this slippy slide to the right. This "Big Tent" crap.

      The Clintonistas introduce "Triangulation" - of it's own  party members! that is a fact.  And now followed by The Obamabots "Bipartisanship" meme garbage that has opened the Party to a "come one come all" attitude/mentality. This has just plain diluted the "party brand" or however you want to describe it.  I wonder if it is not wrecked permanently.

      To have and Independent here on DailyKos sound more like a Democrat than most of those we have in the "Elected Class" is beyond comprehension.

      Hell FDR/ Truman/Kennedy/Carter all must be freak'N out folks! How could this have happened? (ah corporate money corrupts baby!)

      I am in anguish over what has transpired under these last two Democrat administrations.

      I want my Democratic Party Back! says the Old Deaniac here....

      HO HO I miss U! oh those were the days....the summer of love in 2003....long gone..

      My 2 cents

      DEMOCRAT PARTY ELECTED CLASS - got/get your message loud and clear > "Progressives not welcome here". Faithful DEM no more. My Time, Energy, and Money$ best spent 2 ya...

      by AustinSF on Fri Nov 18, 2011 at 08:08:15 PM PST

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