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  •  Thanks Dems you are now a Bipartisan Party (6+ / 0-)

    Many Kossacks I see here in comments also agree with me that these are "Not my kind of Democrats" - and nothing I much can stomach. (anymore)

    The Democrat Brand has been near ruined. I wonder if it can ever recover from this slippy slide to the right. This "Big Tent" crap.

    The Clintonistas introduce "Triangulation" - of it's own  party members! that is a fact.  And now followed by The Obamabots "Bipartisanship" meme garbage that has opened the Party to a "come one come all" attitude/mentality. This has just plain diluted the "party brand" or however you want to describe it.  I wonder if it is not wrecked permanently.

    To have and Independent here on DailyKos sound more like a Democrat than most of those we have in the "Elected Class" is beyond comprehension.

    Hell FDR/ Truman/Kennedy/Carter all must be freak'N out folks! How could this have happened? (ah corporate money corrupts baby!)

    I am in anguish over what has transpired under these last two Democrat administrations.

    I want my Democratic Party Back! says the Old Deaniac here....

    HO HO I miss U! oh those were the days....the summer of love in 2003....long gone..

    My 2 cents

    DEMOCRAT PARTY ELECTED CLASS - got/get your message loud and clear > "Progressives not welcome here". Faithful DEM no more. My Time, Energy, and Money$ best spent 2 ya...

    by AustinSF on Fri Nov 18, 2011 at 08:08:15 PM PST

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