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  •  MoT was @ Ed Schultz show tonight and answered.. (9+ / 0-)

    ..some of republican latest spin like Jesse does so well.
     Ed asks: "What do you say to those people that say you're a bunch of anarachists?" - and despite the fact that 98% of republicans pledged allegiance to Norquist to be just that - Jesse handled it

    Jesse: "I would suggest that they stop watching propaganda distributed by Rupert Murdoch's crime syndicate."

    Ed: "Well  that's a pretty good answer." (both Jese & Ed bust-up cheerfully Ed follows up with: "Right to it" (smiles)

    Ed: "Do you think this movement is going to have an effect on his [Scott Walker] recall?"

    Jesse: "It absolutely should [snip]. I think we should be putting pressure on all of the politicians who benefit only the wealthiest 1% to the detriment of everybody else in America, Gov, Scott Walker, Rick Snyder,.. Rick Scott; right down the line, not just republicans either.
    Some Democrats need to be. you know, put in the unemployment line as well.

    What they're doing is repealing the twentieth century, and I keep telling people, I'm not against capitalism, I'm against crime.
     For these guys to talk about - 'we're the party of personal responsibility' - and yet when you asked them what they've done wrong in the last ten years they have nothing to answer for? - they're very hypocritical, and they're doing a disservice to their countrymen".

    Bravo Ministry of Truth

    There was more. All good stuff :)

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