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View Diary: National Lawyers Guild files FOIA Requests, regarding OWS Crackdowns (96 comments)

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  •  OWS is uncovering an era in which (6+ / 0-)

    there is now a seamless transition from city police to DHS. How convenient when it comes to putting down dissent.

    They did this under our fucking noses in the last 11 years.

    •  DARPA has been working on it (3+ / 0-)
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      scorpiorising, dharmafarmer, Joieau

      longer than that.
      The U.S. has a long-standing antagonism towards people living in cities.  People living in close quarters are hard to control and controlling the people has always been a fundamental challenge; first to wrest control of the continent from the indigenous populations by relocating them to "reservations," and then by keeping the necessary work-forces in place on the plantations, on the range, on the railroads, in the industrial plants. The U.S. has always been on a dual track--to exploit the environment and contain the human population. The latter, it turned out, could only be accomplished by interfering with the natural human proclivity to associate, assemble, congregate and perambulate. So, the ideal solution seemed to be to isolate nuclear families in domestic quarters and cages on wheels. The automobile is a mechanical substitute for auto mobility, an intrinsic component of liberty.
      Car culture is not very different from horticulture or agriculture. It is the triumph of artifice over nature. Designating private corporations as persons is consistent.

      People to Wall Street: "LET OUR MONEY GO"

      by hannah on Sat Nov 19, 2011 at 02:56:42 AM PST

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