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View Diary: UPDATED: Turning My Disgust into Action - Everyone in CA needs to know John Pike's Name (237 comments)

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  •  No I am not - not at ALL (0+ / 0-)

    This is how power works. There is no escaping this process.
    I am merely keeping my eye on the power and playing to the power. It will always reside with the people. The people tolerated the crap in congress until they didn't. OK - there was a pretty serious breach of faith in there, but still.

    Even if John decided he was the guy to do this deed he was not the one who put it in the playbook. He could have realized it was going to happen and decided to take the heat. He has a history for doing that, and it is an admirable trait, even if perverted by the power structures. The way he waved that pepper spray he knew this was going to hurt. Did he enjoy that? Not necessarily. I am sure he woulkd far rather not be doing that.

    The fault lies all the way at the top where Congress has ignored the desperate needs of the the people. They are addicts on cash and desperately need an intervention and OWS is that intervention.

    While it is messy I refuse to slam relatively innocent bystanders. The brutality is being done by the shitheads at the top. Blame THEM.

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