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  •  I hear what you are saying but, (1+ / 0-)
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    if elected officials could not be bought and paid for by Wall Street and corporations, we might then have the economic justice we are seeking. They are the ones who make the laws and regulations, and  they now make them so they benefit those in the 1%. They will only respond to pressure as they did with the tea baggers, Republicans and Democrats alike.
    The main focus and largest crowd has been NYC and Wall Street, and while they are crooks and liars, they need elected officials to give them cover. The elected officials are just as unaccountable as those on Wall Street. At least those on Wall Street get up every day, work long hours in order to earn the money they do, the same can not be said for our elected officials. Those on Wall Street are allowed by the elected officials to break the rules, as long as they pay the price.
    While the movement may still be strong, it is fast losing favor with the American people, who are impatient. I think there would be more support by all Americans if the focus was D.C. , K Street, and the Capital.
    While I very much admire you and the committment you have shown, I have to disagree. It is a race and there is a need to sprint. Far too many are suffering, while our elected officials get richer by the day, they are so disconnected from the rest of us, but they have the power and the voice we are all lacking.
    I was a huge supporter early on, but sooner or later a movement needs to have a leader and clear goals or it loses momentum. I hope I am wrong, but I think I may feel the way most Americans feel, not just those here, but most Americans of all interests. The movement needs to do something more than simply occupy. The movement needs to have rules of it's own, and simply keeping it non-violent is not enough.
    I think perhaps you should move outside of the movement and hear what people are saying. When you are surrounded by like minded people 24/7, you view gets a bit skewed. There are all kinds of people with all kinds of ideas and agendas in the 99%, and some of them want more done to remedy the situation than just pitching tents and occupying a park. That is just my humble opinion, but I am out there working my ass off each and every day to keep my head above water. I don't have the time to occupy anything, nor do I have the time to wait. I love our President and don't see anyone else who I want to be in that position, but as far as everyone else, with very few exceptions, I would like to see them all replaced with the next election. That is the change I am hoping for. However unlike the tea baggers, I don't want them replaced with corporate flunkies as the tea baggers did, I want them replaced with folks who really represent the American people, the 99% of the American people, and if this movement can't do that, then what good is it?

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