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View Diary: Transgender woman has genitals tasered by BLM ranger (80 comments)

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  •  sorry??? (9+ / 0-)

    when a police officer tells me I'm arrested I say "Ok".

    But the fact that I am arrested does not give him the right to humiliate me in any way.  I don't dance for him, stand on my hands, jump in the dirt or whatever.

    But, then, I'm a bloody foreigner coming from a place where Police, at least in theory, is supposed do be "your friend and helper".

    You have already soaked in that American fascism that power does legitimize anything.  It doesn't.

    It really amazes me how the inhabitants of a place that regards itself as "home of the brave, land of the free" in reality are such an incredible bunch of subservient suckers submitting to any authority they encounter.

    A policeman is a fellow citizen. He is owed respect as one, and he also is owed some deferral due to his job.  But that's it, and it is conditioned on reciprocal behavior - a policeman has the same duty to be polite to me than I have to him. A policeman who is not right can be told that. And while I should not resist arrest, I also have human right to be treated respectfully.

    Ideally an arrest would be "would you please come with us to the station, Sir". But the US has already instituted all kind of humiliating rituals around that. Add to it the martial police equipment and training you are already so far into being a police state in everybody's but your own eyes, it is outright embarrassing.

    Land of the free, home of the brave!

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