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  •  Something I didn't include in this piece (16+ / 0-)

    because it didn't quite fit is the experience of having lost a lot of weight during this whole experience as well.  

    I've struggled with weight most of my adult life.  One of the hospitalizations left me weighing ten lbs more than when I went in, but since then, in a little more than a month, I've lost 30lbs.  This places me at a weight that I probably haven't seen since I was in college.

    This isn't the way I wanted to get here-- I've been working to get my weight down for ages now.  I'm hoping to change things when they settle down so that this becomes a new baseline for me, where I can start off fresh from here and work towards getting healthier overall but it's surreal to be fitting into clothes that I had planned to get rid of a few weeks ago.

    "The first rule of pillow fight club is do not talk about pillow fight club." --Keith Olbermann

    by Julie Waters on Sun Nov 20, 2011 at 02:22:45 PM PST

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