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View Diary: U C Davis Police Used "Standard" Proceedures (54 comments)

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    Richard Lyon

    I just got through interacting with some Democratic trolls on here trying to defend capitalism. its hard to get people here toe even admit some fairly obvious point like "capitalism is not about fairness." So, trying to convince them that our system does in fact have police state tendencies if not an out right police state will be a hard debate to have here.

    Going back to the trolls (I consider them trolls because although speak of how they are "real Democrats" and strong supporters of the parties they seem to have it as their goal to distort arguments and miss the point like many w ho love to derail arguments like to do).

    Basically, I wrote to them that I work in the private sector, and that my clients are not interested in being fair to other businesses. They are like all other busiensses in that they want to win and minimize risk. To which, I got a lot of hostile statements about the subject.

    The problem I am trying to point out here is that this is supposed a Democratic site with "liberals" and they are so indoctrinated, I don't see an easy path to explain to those who simply want to cover their ears and yell "la la la" that they are not being realistic about what our system is.

    So, when you say they will or do not want to see your argument in terms of the big picture, I think that's right, but I also am not sure that little chunks will help them either because they are determined to deny the argument and facts all together

    You can, as they say, lead a man to water, but you can't force him to drink.

    this is all to say I am not sure what will cut through the fog of denial.

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