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  •  This is very, very well-written. (2+ / 0-)
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    inHI, Purple Priestess

    And it explains so well why the perennial answer to the question "Can you hear us now?" is "No, we can't."

    I want very badly to believe that 2012 will be different. Surely, the Founding Fathers did not envision a system whereby change could only come about through violent insurrection.

    I understand that the Founding Fathers feared that too much change over too short a period of time might doom their fledgling nation. But we're now living in a country where the 1% hire a few thousand goons to defend them and feed the rest of the country to the free-market sharks.

    I'm tired of it all. I want to live in a country where I can make enough money to: (1) feed my 3 kids, (2) pay my bills, and (3) save a little money for retirement.

    Is that too much to ask?

    Will Newt Gingrich care what happens to people like me should his fat ass become president? Hell, no!

    Don't the Republicans realize how hated that guy is? He married his fucking geometry teacher right out of high school for fuck's sake. Then, after cheating on her with the slut that became his second wife, he cheated on wife #2 with the slut that became his third wife.

    How fucking odious is that?

    And he has the audacity to pander to social conservatives about what is happening to the morals of this country?

    Whose fucking morals, Newt?

    God, I hate that man.

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